Sneak peek… {mini session} Jezelle

Posted on October 30, 2009

Kirkland area Child Photographer

Pink petti-skirts are made for twirling.

jezellepolaroidCase in point: lovely, little Miss Jezelle.

We twirled, I did some wacky ballet and Miss Jezelle made a ‘grass angel’ (like a snow angel, but without that whole snow thing). We also threw rocks, leaves and some dirt (accidently, I think) and someone got whacked with a stick. The stick victim will remain nameless and only be known to Miss Jezelle, her mama, Joie, and I!

We were blessed with amazing weather for Jezelle’s mini session. It was warm-ish, or freezing if it were June, and the sun was actually shining without any clouds to block it out. There was not a rain cloud in sight and we all got to witness a lovely sunset.

Considering Jezelle just turned 3 on the 21st, she did amazing! Don’t get me wrong, she is a little spitfire, but she is a very, very lovely spitfire who loves to play and run and laugh. So, thats what we did. And it was great!

Thanks for a lovely early evening, girls!

Enjoy your sneak peek!







Perfection in a petti-skirt!


Sneak peek… {new life} Vivienne Ann

Posted on October 28, 2009

Lake Stevens area Newborn Photographer

Babies weighing in over 9 pounds are magic.

vivpolaroidThis is Vivienne Ann. She was born on October 20 at 10:34 in the morning. She was 21 3/4 inches long and tipped the scales at 9 pounds 3 ounces. The new mama and daddy are Veronica and Jason.

Viv’s newborn session took place on the 25th when she was just 5 days old. She did fabulous! She was very sleepy and was perfectly content to curl up and snuggle in.

Veronica and Jason did everything right! She was fed just before I got there and the house was very VERY warm to ensure that Viv was a sleeping beauty for the few hours I was there.

Rhys, Rowan and their parents were also on hand to enjoy the show.

Back to the 9 pounds. I love me a chunker baby. ReiGuy was over 9 pounds when he was born and Little Viv was 2 ounces more than he was. Bliss! Chubber chins and cheeks, rolley-polley legs and thighs, and little, teeny bowed lips. Perfection!

Great job, Veronica and Jason. I think she is a keeper!








Sneak peek… {mini session} The Jacobs Family

Posted on October 27, 2009

Lynnwood are Family Photographer

Meet Miss Rowan and Mr Rhys. All the way from Walla Walla!

jacobspolaroidRowan, Rhys and their parents made the treck to the left side of the state to be in town when a close family friend gave birth to a little bundle of joy (whom I also happened to photograph last night!).

Their momma, Stacy, contacted me prior to their trip to set up a photo shoot during the short days they would be here. I was honored that they found time during their vacation to spend an hour with me at the beach.

Now, Rowan and Rhys had apparently not been to the beach before, so this was a big milestone for them. They were in awe of the rocks, sand and allllll that lovely water.

Mom and dad were wonderful at corraling and cajoling their little sweeties and I have a few pics just for them that I have saved for later.

This will not be the last time you see Miss Rowan and Mr Rhys. I have a sneak peek in the works for a little angel baby named Vivienne and Rowan and Rhys were part of her photo shoot too! Check back later for those pics. But, for now…

Enjoy this sneak peek!








Sneak peek… {miracle session} Tiegs family

Posted on October 26, 2009

Mountlake Terrace area Family Photographer

As promised, I have finished editing all of the sneak peek photos for MyaGirl’s {miracle session}.


And I have news, an announcement. No, a declaration!

I have a new MOST FAVORITE picture ever. EVER.

And its not even my kid.

The coveted ‘most favorite picture EVER’ position is not one that changes often and has NEVER not been of either ReiGuy, Quinny or Jeff. I mean, really, I’m a mom of two young, plump boys,  a wife to a pretty studly man AND a photographer. I have plenty to shoot and be amazed with right at home.

But MyaGirl has usurped all of my men and taken firm grasp of my ‘most favorite picture EVER’ spot.

Are you in suspense? Do you want to SEE this stellar photo (not to mention all of the others…)?!?!

Ready? You sure?



Totally cute, right?!






Thanks for the amazing morning, Tiegs’!


CYE featured on Cutest Little Baby Face

Posted on October 26, 2009

Seattle area Newborn Photographer

Checking email this morning was rewarding!

I received an email from Tara over at Cutest Little Baby Face.  Cutest Little Baby Face (CLBF) is a blog that showcases the finest talent of photographers who are passionate about recording the fleeting moments of childhood through their lens.

Today, CLBF is featuring a photo taken by CYE!

I’m not going to tell you which photo it is, you’ll have to stop by the CLBF blog and check it out for yourself! See CYE’s featured photo HERE!

I love CLBF! I have found inspiration more than once from the fabulous pictures showcased by the talented professional, and amateur, photographers who submit their photos to Tara and CLBF.

Stop on by and check out what CLBF has going on and see our featured photo!
Cutest Little Baby Face



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Sneak peek (pre-quel)… {miracle session} Mya

Posted on October 24, 2009

Shoreline area Children’s Photographer

Tonight I am going to shake things up and do things a little differently.

Usually I won’t post a sneak peek until I have at least three images fully edited and ready to go. But not tonight!

This Sneak Peek is actually a pre-quel for a very special little angel baby named Mya. This morning I met up with Miss Mya and her parents, Rob and Julie, for a family-slash-child photo session. Due to my busy day post photo shoot, I haven’t had the time to edit but one very special image from Mya’s shoot. You see, Mya has a very special, and inspiring, story.

She was born with a heart murmur and ended up needing open heart surgery to repair the hole. She went in for said surgery on August 4, 2009. She was just a year, almost to the day, old. For unknown reasons, after she was given normal anesthesia she had a bad (bad really seems to be an understatement here…) reaction and went in to cardiac arrest. Thankfully, the wonderful staff at Children’s Hospital in Seattle succesfully resuscitated her and she was put on ECMO for a period of time. Due to the length of time she was in cardiac arrest, brain damage was a major concern. Long story short, MyaGirl pulled through it all even though she ended up having three seperate open-heart type surgeries on her little body in just a few weeks and at this point has zero (ZERO!!!! NONE! NADA!!!) evidence of brain damage. And boy, let me tell you, is she cute as a button and the apple of Rob and Julie’s eye.

Miraculous, right? Being with this little family this morning was good, just plain good. They are so happy and silly, and FULL of love. Rob and Julie did anything to get Mya to laugh, including some hilarious jig that Julie was doing behing me. It was kind of a cross between River Dance and a western line dance… Mya loved it! Anyway, after being with them I was able to go home and love my kids better, more fully. Not only did they give me the gift of being able to capture some memories for them, but they also gave me the gift of being more appreciative and FULL of love for my own kids. Thanks, guys.

When Julie, her mama, and I were discussing ideas for their session, she had something very specific in mind. So, I can’t take any creative credit for the shot below. This is all mama and daddy lovin’ on their little miracle girl. By the way, to read Mya’s story in full visit their blog: Mya’s full story here!

And now, the Sneak peek pre-quel:


Check back tomorrow evening for their full sneak peek!


Sneak peek… {mini} Jones Family

Posted on October 22, 2009

Everett area Family Photographer

I am always in awe of incredibly well-behaved children.

jonespolaroidDon’t get me wrong, Rei and Quinny aren’t badly behaved by any means. However, they aren’t (always at least) superbly behaved and have learned to either run or cry when mommy starts shoving a lens in their chubby little faces (really, I can’t imagine why…).

This evening I had the pleasure of photographing an old friend, Lindsey, and her children, Jaden and Smyah (cute name, right? It is pronounced the same way ReiGuy says ‘smile’: smie-uh). Jaden and Smyah blew me away by how pleasant and accommodating they were. There wasn’t a single meltdown and I wasn’t having to chase after either of them as they ran towards the water at Picnic Point Beach in Edmonds.

The last time Jeff and I took ReiGuy (and Quinny) to this beach, the bottoms of his pants were soaked and his shoes were filled with nasty, old, stinky sand in about 3.74 minutes. But not these angel babies. They didn’t even get CLOSE to the water -and Smyah is only three!

Check out Jaden’s eyelashes! To die for!! And both kiddos have full, pouty lips that I’m guessing must have come from their dada (who wasn’t able to make the shoot). Lucky for them! Or, really, lucky for ME! To have the good luck to shoot such beautiful, well mannered, expertly wardrobed kids (and mom) was a dream. Great job, Lindsey!

Enjoy your sneak peek!






Thanks for a great shoot!


Sneak Peek… {mini} The Swaneys

Posted on October 12, 2009

Lynnwood area Family Photographer

Family photoshoots are both challenging and rewarding.


swaneypolaroidEspecially when one year old twins are involved!

Meet the Swaneys; Mom, whom I went to high school with, Dad, Kyla, the wiser (at 5 no less) older sister and the twins Brooklyn and Connor. Last Saturday we met at Picnic Point Beach in Edmonds for a mini session CYE style.

The kids were… well, kids! It was 5 o’clock, the sun was super bright and they were let loose to explore. Every once in a while we came back as a group to get some more posed shots and then the kids were given their freedom again and I would get some more candid shots. This is THE way to do it with kids this young. Otherwise there are lots of tears, unhappy grimaces and unhappy photographers. And who wants that?

All in all, the shoot was a success and there was not a tear shed by anyone. Not even by Connor when he bonked his noggin pretty good. I couldn’t have asked for, or expected, better.

Bravo, Swaneys.

Enjoy your sneak peek!







Thanks for the fun!


Sneak Peek… {Senior} Daniel

Posted on October 12, 2009

Sedro Woolley area Senior Photographer


Sedro Woolley has some awesome back alleys.


daniel polaroidYesterday morning I spent my time up in Sedro Woolley’s town center area with my fabulous assistant, Mindy and Sedro Woolley High School class of 2010 senior, Daniel. Cindie, Daniel’s mama, was also on hand to help us keep Daniel motivated and smiling (the woman cracked some incredible jokes about a Speedo).

We spent the morning traipsing around the back alleys, all four of them, in Sedro Woolley. Daniel is a musician and has a band and was looking for more of an urban look for his senior pics. I think we succeded in finding what he was looking for.

Now, most senior guys are interested in the senior picture process for all of about 30 seconds. Daniel, however, was patient and kind and very, very agreeable. 10 AM was start time and we didn’t finish until after noon but Daniel was still happy and jovial. What a guy!


And now! The sneak peek for Daniel’s 2010 Senior pictures:









Sneak peek… {mini} Ross Family

Posted on October 10, 2009

Edmonds area Family Photographer

I love photo shoots on brisk almost-fall mornings.


rosspolaroidEspecially shoots photographing families that I know and love. This morning was a treat! Meet the Ross’; Tom, Sydney and wee little Taylin.

I’ve known the Ross family for quite a few years now. We met at the church we both attend, The Creekside Church in Mountlake Terrace ( Last year I also had the pleasure of doing a newborn photo shoot when Tay was born. Oddly enough, I am also loosely related to them by marriage. Sydney and my husband Jeff are somehow cousins, however many times removed.

Tay has recently gotten her sea legs and toddles off to and fro without regard for where the camera is. Totally normal for her age! However, with lots of running around and LOTS of work by her parents, we were succesful in capturing what I think will be treasured memories for this fledgling family.

I had a really hard time cherry picking just a few shots to debut as a sneak peek. Don’t be surprised if there ends up being a second edition of the Ross family sneak peek!

Now, onto the images! I hope you enjoy them Tom and Syd…







Great job, team!


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