Sneak peek… {family} Cox family part deux

Posted on November 13, 2009

As promised… evidence of the ‘action phase’ from last weekends photo session with the Cox family:


I’d have to say my favorite photo is the top center. Nice aim, Bryan!


Sneak peek… {family} The Coxs

Posted on November 11, 2009

Mountlake Terrace area Family Photographer

One of the most entertaining parts of any photo session is the ‘action phase’.

cox polaroid

This might be kids running a race with daddy, fighting or whacking on things (and occasionally myself) with sticks, quite often throwing rocks, OR in the case of the Cox family, mom and dad doing a twisted, almost drunken-esque jig reminiscent of really agile, happy hobbits playing Ring-around-the-Rosey.

Meet Bryan and Andrea, the aforementioned very entertaining dancers from last Sunday’s photo session. They played very nice at our photo session and were more than happy to at least TRY to do whatever I asked.

I guess I need to work on my explaining!

Now, I don’t have the hobbit pictures edited quite yet, so you won’t get to see them today, but check back by the end of the week for a chuckle.

Carter and Elliot were the other stars of this photo session. They fulfilled every expectation I have for 4 year old and (almost) 2 year old boys at the beach when the tide is super high. But they had fun, got really attached to some rocks and sticks and didn’t get their pants soaked. Really, could I have asked for more? See below for the Cox family sneak peek and don’t forget to check back!







Thanks for the fun Bry, An, Cart & El. You are near and dear to me and all the boys!


Sneak peek… {family} The Lubattis

Posted on November 10, 2009

Seattle area Family Photographer

“His name is Crispy. He’s a cat. He needs fooooooooooood…”


Ahhh… how refreshing conversation can be with a 3 year old! Meet Jacob. He is a high energy, independant, bilingual (French in case you were wondering) little sweetheart. Jacob has a new little brother, Joshua, who is almost 3 months old. Their (amazing, wonderful, funny, etc) parents are Stephan and Melissa.

Jake and Josh have great taste when it comes to cousins! ReiGuy, Quinny, Jake and Josh (and about 27.5478 other children under five in Jeff’s family) are second cousins.

So, back to Crispy. Crispy is Jacob’s pet at school. Jacob and I talked about Crispy a lot last Saturday.  Apparently Crispy requires a large amount of food and gets lost a lot. Jacob really likes to talk about Crispy and didn’t really like to do many smiles. However, whenever we chatted about Crispy Jacob became super silly and very animated. Perfect! Silly smiles, after all, are the best smiles and usually the most genuine too.

So here he is; Jacob, his family, and his silly Crispy photoshoot. Enjoy!







Hope you enjoyed it! All our love, Lubattis!


Sneak peek… {mini session} Sears Family

Posted on November 3, 2009

Edmonds area Family Photographer

I saw into my future last Sunday.


Meet the Sears family; Mom, Dad, Luke and Jack. Luke is almost three and Jack just turned one.

So… my future. Seeing into it… I did so through this family! The age difference between Luke and Jack is almost identical to that between ReiGuy and Quinny. After spending about an hour with these active, loving boys I can honestly say I am looking forward to what awaits me in a year or so!

These are manly boys; they are rough and tumble, in the dirt, pushing and shoving (nicely of course!) spitfires! We were at Picnic Point Beach and they absolutely lahoooved the water. What boy between one and three doesn’t? They also liked the bridge over the little stream and all the dirt.

Did I mention they saw a train? Luke went as Thomas the Train for halloween which was the night before. Well, this little gentleman really got a treat when a real, live train passed right by us; not thirty yards from him! I have never seen little eyes get so big. Jack was also mesmerized by the awesomeness. I think these two little boys had a great time. So did I.

Thanks, Sears family!






Isn’t the last picture a perfect capture of the life of the parents of toddlers?!?! I thought so!


Sneak peek… {mini session} Chambers Family

Posted on November 3, 2009

Everett area Family Photographer

“Lanae, show us your poses!”


Meet the Chambers family; Lance, Angi and Lanae. I had the pleasure of meeting up with them last Sunday at Forest Park in Everett for their family mini session.

Between Jeff being gone hunting and both boys being sick, somehow I got all confused about this ‘fall back’ stuff and showed up, very promptly, an hour early for the photo session! Talk about embarassing! I’m on the phone to Angi’s voicemail “So… um. I’m here at the park and its 2:45. Just wondering if you guys are gonna make it. Let me know!” So, she calls me back; “Umm… we were meeting at 3:30?” Nice. At least they were kind enough to laugh at me in the car, right? ;)

But, I digress… back to the poses! Miss Lanae is quite the ham and loves the camera. She was kind enough to show me her poses, America’s Next Top Model style. Let me tell you, this girl could be a contenda! She can pop the hip, point her toes and give that sweet mixed with sass look.

All in all, the session went well! It was brisk, and we had to walk a ways, but the images speak for themselves; it was all WORTH IT! Enjoy your sneak peek L, A & L!







Was fun! Thanks so much…