Sneak peek… {family} The Coxs

Posted on November 11, 2009

Mountlake Terrace area Family Photographer

One of the most entertaining parts of any photo session is the ‘action phase’.

cox polaroid

This might be kids running a race with daddy, fighting or whacking on things (and occasionally myself) with sticks, quite often throwing rocks, OR in the case of the Cox family, mom and dad doing a twisted, almost drunken-esque jig reminiscent of really agile, happy hobbits playing Ring-around-the-Rosey.

Meet Bryan and Andrea, the aforementioned very entertaining dancers from last Sunday’s photo session. They played very nice at our photo session and were more than happy to at least TRY to do whatever I asked.

I guess I need to work on my explaining!

Now, I don’t have the hobbit pictures edited quite yet, so you won’t get to see them today, but check back by the end of the week for a chuckle.

Carter and Elliot were the other stars of this photo session. They fulfilled every expectation I have for 4 year old and (almost) 2 year old boys at the beach when the tide is super high. But they had fun, got really attached to some rocks and sticks and didn’t get their pants soaked. Really, could I have asked for more? See below for the Cox family sneak peek and don’t forget to check back!







Thanks for the fun Bry, An, Cart & El. You are near and dear to me and all the boys!