Sneak Peek… {bebe} Bella | Lake Stevens Baby Photographer

Posted on October 31, 2010

Lake Stevens area Child Photographer

Ginger Porcelain.

These two words perfectly describe this little lady. Meet Isabella, or just Bella if you are family. Her 6 month photos went soooooooooooooo <breath> oooooooooooooo well. Her momma, grandma and I managed to wiggle her into 10, Yes! TEN!!, different outfits in 1.5 hours. Sure, there was some crying and a little spit upping, but that wasn’t anything a little barking couldn’t take care of.

Yes. The girl loves BARKING! And, let me tell you, based on the number of grown adults barking, mooing, heehawing and meowing in their dining room, SHE was in control of this rodeo. Totally worth it however. Take a peek below and I’m sure you will agree!


Sneak Peek… {Event} Ruffles & Rust | Monroe Event Photographer

Posted on October 26, 2010

I LOVE Vintage.

Really, it is no secret. I frequent The Goodwill, Value Village, St. Vincent DePaul and all other second-hand shops within a 25 mile radius… weekly. Twice a year, my sister, mother in law, myself and one other victim wake up at the crack of dawn to drive around Mill Creek for 7-8 hours for the semi-annual garage sales (and there are RULES to this trip, we are very serious!).

Currently, I own 3 prams, 3 vintage baby cribs, 12 pieces of hard-sided vintage luggage, a damask settee, a few trunks, some chairs and numerous baskets (among other things). I have recently been talked down from buying 2 other cribs, a large washtub on a stand, and an iron bed (thanks, Dana!). I just CANNOT. HELP. MYSELF. I get SO inspired by vintage props and can take one $15 dollar item and compose an entire, perfectly styled, uniquely visioned photo shoot in no time flat.

A few weeks ago, I was surfing facebook and came across this (amazingly wonderful, made just for me, perfect) event called Ruffles and Rust presented by Come Junk With Us. Dana and I attended their Friday evening Blogger/Facebook Fan Ball and photographed the vendor booths prior to the show’s opening. We also got to create beauty pageant sashes to wear during the event advertising our photography businesses. Check out Dana’s sash below!

Monroe Event Photographer

After photographing the booths, the gala started and we were free to shop! All of MY purchases were business related (just  (emphasis on the ‘just’) a crib, a chair and a crib canopy) unlike SOMEONE else’s purchases (coughDANAcough). The attendees of the event were also encouraged to show up in their best interpretation of rust, ruffles or ruffles and rust vintage evening wear. Let me tell you… there were some LOVELY ladies who did not disappoint.

The event was great and I had a grand time! Enjoy the video diary below and check out the vendor list at the end of this post. Cheers!

Annie’s on First

Queen Bee Designs

Molly Mo’s

Rhonda Addison

Auntie Joy

Haley’s Cottage

Tippy Stockton Jewelry

Angel Heart Designs

Chic Essentials

Trendi Wendi Designs


Town Hall Antiques

Summerland Style

Cherished Vintage

Great Findz

Glitter & Ivy

Carly Tee Photography

Unexpeccted Neccesities

Rose Marie

SeaWorthy Home

Bungalow Bling


Quilter Girl

Bountiful Home and Nursery


My Sweet Savannah


Marvelous Miscellany

Fun Junk

Pine Creek Nursery and Gifts

Maison Douce

Junebug Furniture & Design

…and Sweet Bee, Perry’s Place, Gail Curdy, Simply Vintage, Shabby Sheshe Antiques, Deb Shanner, The Vintage Plume, JohnBob Cool Junk, The Vintage Nest, Beach House Barn, Vintage By The Bay

Sneak peek… {l.o.v.e.} Ray, Brieanne and Olivia | Edmonds Engagement Photographer

Posted on October 20, 2010

Edmonds area Engagement Photographer

Engagement + Family = l.o.v.e.

Meet Ray, his daughter, Olivia and his fiancee, Brieanne. We met up last weekend to enjoy one of the last sunny afternoons the Pacific Northwest has to offer for 2010 and capture images for Ray and Brieanne’s engagement and also some snaps for the trio’s new family. Despite some botched directions, the session was great and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we had a blast!

At the end of the session as we were heading to the car, Brieanne mentioned that Ray is a local police offer and that she also works in law enforcement. This was the first I had heard of their occupations so I was glad to be able to tell  her about the discount that I offer for U.S. military, firefighters, teachers aaaaaand… you guessed it: Police Officers! SO, note to YOU… if you are in one of these professions, let me know so I can thank you for your service to the community with a discount on your session fee!

And, enjoy Ray, Brieanne and Olivia’s sneak peek!


Sneak Peek… {family} Tony + Lindsey = Emma | Seattle’s Child Photographer

Posted on October 19, 2010

Lake Stevens area Family Photographer

1.5 years old + Smarties | Lake Stevens Family Photographer

The best way to convince a wild, spunky toddler to cooperate? Smarties! They are small, travel well and aren’t messy. Not to mention the fact that children go after them like they a compressed bits of sunshine and rainbows!

This is Emma. You may recognize her from her one year photos and her awesome cake smash last spring. Our session started as any other; about 10-15 minutes of shyness and clinging to momma. Then, I offered her some fruit snacks which must be this little girl’s form of currency! Worked like a charm and she was literally eating out of the palm of my hand and more than ready for her close up. I’ll have you know, she was justly rewarded for her efforts with a smartie candy necklace. Great job, baby girl!

 lake stevens family photographer

snohomish child photographer

Video Diary | Little SuperHEROES Limited Edition Event

Posted on October 17, 2010

What does a full session look like? Take a peek here and see. Every photo session with CYE Photography receives a custom video diary. Up today? The little SuperHEROES Limited Edition Event from October 2010. Please enjoy!


To schedule your session or receive information, please fill out a contact form or send an email to

Sneak Peek… {maternity} Lauren & Jamie

Posted on October 15, 2010

Edmonds area Maternity Photographer

Glow | Everett’s Maternity Photographer

Late afternoon + beach + amazing Pac NW weather + baby belly = Bliss

Meet Lauren and Jamie, our newest Baby Plan clients! We got together this past Wednesday to begin their baby’s photography journey with a maternity session on the beach. After days of dreary rain and brisk wind, the weather decided to cut all of us a break and offer up a hearty dose of vitamin d.

And we took full advantage! The session went great; Lauren looked gorgeous with pregnancy glow (which I thought was a myth since it somehow escaped yours truly both times around) and Jamie was a very good sport (considering I did, kind of, wedge him between two logs which he needed assistance to escape from!). I can’t wait for session two: the NEWBORN edition!

bellevue maternity photographer

mill creek maternity photographer

edmonds maternity photographer

seattle maternity photographer

bothell maternity photographer

lynnwood maternity photographer

everett maternity photographer

Sneak Peek v2.0… {Limited Edition} SUPERheroes!

Posted on October 11, 2010

Lynnwood area Child Photographer

Take 2! | Lynnwood’s Best Child Photographer

Due to a rainout of the last few sessions of the original SUPERhero event we had a few make-up sessions this last week. THANK YOU to all the families who were very accomodating in reschedules! Enjoy YOUR sneak peeks!

bothell child photographer

lynnwood child photographermill creek child photographerbellevue child photographershoreline child photographeredmonds child photographer

The next two images are from Dana, of Urban Utopia Photography, and her family! Gorgeous, dahling, gorgeous.

everett child photographer

seattle child photographer

Sneak Peek… {Limited Edition Event} SUPERheroes! | Seattle’s Best Child Photographer

Posted on October 5, 2010

Seattle area Child Photographer

Pow! Ka-BOOM! Smash!

Welcome, dear readers, to the sneak peek for the Limited Edition SUPERhero event produced by CYE and Urban Utopia Photography! Last Sunday we had the pleasure of photographing 26 little boys (with 11 later this week due to the rain) and a few parents acting silly and crazy in some incredibly awesome superhero capes (lovingly crafted by my good friend Gail – Thanks, Gail!).

Our set was perfect; a faux brick wall, some burlap bags of ‘money’, a bat phone and a castle. The boys didn’t take much encouragement to get into character and go wild! It was a blast!! Thanks all parents and SUPERheroes for making it out to play…

kirkland child photographer

seattle child photographer

snohomish child photographer

renton child photographer

redmond child photographer

shoreline child photographer

mukilteo child photographer

everett child photographer

woodinville child photographer

mountlake terrace child photographer

lynnwood child photographer

edmonds child photographer

marysville child photographer

maltby child photographer

mill creek child photographer

ballard child photographer

arlington child photographer

lake stevens child photographer

bellevue child photographer

bothell child photograper

brier child photographer

Sneak Peek… {family} Deumania!

Posted on October 1, 2010

Lynnwood area Family Photographer

A Perfect Pair | Lynnwood’s Best Family Photographer

Just a few short hours ago (like, 4) I finished up a fab AM beach family photo session with my dear friend Kathy and her family; hubby Jason (check out his blog here:, 4 year old son, Judah and 2 year old daughter, Jossy. It was great! I love the beach… driftwood, the scenic backdrop, foliage, etc is puuuuurfect for photos all year round.

This morning, the tide happened to be out so there was plenty of beach to wander. Lots of space for throwing rocks, putting furniture in the water, kid tossing….

And my treasured family jump photo.

The scene is always pretty much the same and I give these instructions… “OK, so everyone stand in a straight line. Spread out… give yourself some room. The key to this shot is to be as animated and over the top as possible in your jump. The bigger your jump and the crazier you get, the less silly you look.” Then I demostrate some jumps that would work perfectly. Then I do the countdown… 1, 2, 3, JUMP! And I immdediately laugh and am totally distracted as is everyone else.

All of this happened today with a little something different at the end. Right before the post jump laughage, there was this noise from Kathy… kind of a yelp/squeal type of thing. I’m laughing, Jason is laughing… the kids are going crazy. I look up and Kathy is ON THE GROUND!

Yup. She biffed the landing. But the girl got some AIR. More than her husband I might add. She wasn’t hurt so it was great! I’m hoping to have a picture of this jump to show later on… it’s not quite ready yet. But here are some others -Enjoy!

mill creek family photographer

everett family photographer

lynnwood child photographeredmonds child photographerseattle family photographereverett child photographer

lynnwood family photographeredmonds family photographer