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Out of Office Notice | Seattle area Photographer

Posted on March 11, 2011

Seattle area Photographer

Roatan Adventure | Seattle Photographer

Hello, dear reader. In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, while you are (hopefully) fast asleep, I will be heading to SeaTac with 18 other wonderful people from The Creekside Church to board a plane to Roatan, Honduras. The mission trip that we have been planning for 6 months kicks off at 3:15AM.

We have partnered with Alternative Missions and Dwellings for this trip. Our goal is to build a home for a wonderful, and deserving, family. This will change their lives, and ours too. I will also be shooting video and images for Alternative Missions and Dwellings to use to raise awareness for their cause. I strongly urge you to visit the websites above for Alternative Missions and Dwellings and see how you can help and change lives. Maybe you can’t make the trip, but you can still have a hand in the work. Make the choice.

Photo Credit: Why Did You Wear That?

  • From Dwellings:

    When you help build a home for a needy family you are providing far more than a much needed roof over their heads.  In many poverty stricken  areas where even basic shelter is unattainable, replacing cardboard and plastic with a solid roof can effectively change lives.
  • A permanent dwelling provides stability in an uncertain world and is a huge step on the road out of pervasive poverty.  Owning a home brings hope for a better life. Hope brings confidence to reach for that life. We all know that even the slightest glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel encourages us to move ahead.  A home can be that light for a family.
  • A secure place to live, one that isn’t going to literally blow away with the next stiff wind, builds family life and encourages learning.  Children in a stable environment learn better and are more likely to both attend, and stay, in school. Education, of course, brings better opportunities for work and an improved life in the future.
  • Children need to be healthy in order to attend school and a clean environment is one of the most important results of a permanent dwelling that you can help provide for a needy family. In a country of extreme climate, living in a house with solid walls, floors, and a roof overhead, can greatly reduce the incidents of sickness due to dirt floors and exposure to weather and insects. Scarce funds, once being used to treat sick children, can then be used to purchase resources for school and other necessities.
  • The most important and far-reaching result of building a home is spiritual.  Here is a practical way to demonstrate the love of God to people who need to have a chance to see and experience it. Telling is important, showing is inspiring.  By giving a week of your time and talents to build a home, you can inspire needy people to know God and give back.
  • For many going to the field to build a home is not possible but you can still be a part of this important ministry. A gift of $6000 – $9500 will provide materials to build a complete home for a family. Only $1,000 will buy materials to literally build the roof over their heads. A monthly gift of $100, $50, or $20 will help Dwellings keep building houses for needy people on into the future.

I will start returning messages and inquiries Monday, March 21st. In the mean time, please pray for our trip!

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