Sneak Peek… {newborn} Hudson

Posted on November 13, 2012

Bellevue area Newborn Photographer

4 weeks

Snohomish Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the sneak peek for baby Hudson! He came into the studio for his newborn session last week and was 4 weeks of age. Generally, I photograph newborns in the first week of life, but little Hudson deviated from my normal routine.  Mom and dad brought the little nugget in and we busted out the family pics first thing because Dad had to get back to the office. Then, mom and I spent the next few hours coaxing, cajoling, rocking and snuggling Hudson in a very warm 90 degrees to try to get him to sleep. It worked like a charm! Check out this little man below…

Sneak Peek… {family} Emma

Posted on November 8, 2012

Everett Family Photographer

Emma 4.0

Everett Family Photographer

Why the 4.0? Well, this is the fourth time I’ve photographed Emma and her parents. I have to say, each time is more fun than the last. The first time we saw her was going on 3 years ago when she turned one and had an awesome cake smash. Then, the fall of 2010, we got together for a quick and sweet family session. Last fall, of 2011, was another of their annual family sessions. It is such a blessing to look back on each session and see Emma’s growth from a chubby baby with a killer badonkadonk (yes, I just said that), to a peppy, spirited litte girl. Check out the most recent images below!

Sneak Peek… {newborn} Keegan

Posted on November 7, 2012

Everett area Newborn Photographer

Sweet boy

Everett Newborn Photographer

Another baby boy on the blog! Meet Keegan, a sweet little muffin who visited the studio last week for his newborn session. Mom, dad, and even grandma came along for the fun. Most entertaining part? When baby Keegan let ‘er rip all over Grandma’s pristine white shirt. Oh, I love my job! Check him out below:

Sneak Peek… {baby grow} Colston

Posted on November 6, 2012

Everett Baby Photographer

Santa Baby

Everett Baby Photographer

He’s back! Track baby Colston’s progress from maternity session to newborn session and then most recently over the summer for his MVP session. Last week, he and his parents came up to my new, amazing studio and we had a few hours of OH so much fun. Colston’s mom, Kristen, has great style and wonderful ideas. Check them out below!

Sneak Peek {twins!} 4 months old

Posted on November 5, 2012

Everett Baby Photographer


Everett Baby Photographer

Based on the reactions of these two little angel babies, I’m pretty sure that is what they thought I was! Pretty much every time I got down on their level, one, or both, would cry like I had just pinched them!! Thankfully, mom brought her sister along to help baby wrangle and with a lot of dashing around and craftiness, we were able to catch quite a few keepers. Check out these sweet girls below…

Sneak Peek… {family} The ‘P’ family

Posted on November 1, 2012

Everett Family Photographer

Just arrived

Bellevue Family Photographer

Dad came straight from SeaTac for this amazing session. In fact, the first kiss reuniting him with his wife was at their session! Last week I met this lovely family for their first ever portrait session. We were blessed with very, very nice weather – no rain! I had a wonderful time playing with big sister and coddling baby brother into some smiles. Check out their lovely portraits below!

Sneak Peek… {newborn} Little Peter

Posted on October 30, 2012

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Sweet Boy

Everett Newborn Photographesi

After a super successful maternity session for Gina and Bryan, we’ve now added an equally successful newborn session to the books! I met up with little Peter at his Capitol Hill home last week and spent a few hours capturing some forever memories for him and his parents. Peter was perfect! Check him out below…

Sneak Peek… {newborn} Radley

Posted on October 27, 2012

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Number Two

Everett Newborn Photographer

It isn’t often I can drive a new, sleep deprived father to tears of laughter. The kind of laughter where you bend over yourself, hold onto your guts and do the ugly cry. This rare event did, however, happen last Saturday! Colin and Molly brought baby Radley out to the studio for his newborn session. Another interesting point, Radley is my oldest newborn every at 8 weeks old (he decided to show up a few weeks early).

Towards the end of the session, we were working on family shots. Colin and Molly elected to have Radley go au naturale (my preference). This includes the new parent cradling their baby just so and covering up all the bits. I warned Colin and Molly ahead of time that their son may choose to do a number one or a number two while they were holding him and IF that happened they should NOT drop the baby in the instinctual desire to throw their hands up to avoid…contact. Can you see where this is going?

Colin went first. No problems. Then… it was Molly’s turn. The pose was perfect, so snuggly and warm and… uh-oh. Yep. All of the sudden Molly exclaimed “OH MY! SOMETHING is coming OUT!!!” and went to lift her hands… and I grabbed Radley and there was… it. Everywhere.

And Colin was behind us crying like a little girl bent over in fits of laughter. SO great. That is one for the memory books, y’all!

Sneak Peek… {newborn} Marshall

Posted on October 27, 2012

Everett Newborn Photographer

Baby Flyboy

Everett Newborn Photographer

After a super successful maternity session, baby Marshall has arrived! With both parents working at Boeing, it is only fitting that this little man be prepared for a life of airplanes! Marshall is the first client that I photographed in my new, amazing studio space in downtown Everett. He was a dream! Check him out.

Sweet Nugget {family} The Cowins

Posted on October 24, 2012

Everett area Baby Photographer

Sweet, little nugget

Everett Family Photographer

Look at this little man!  I met up with him and his parents last week for a family photo session. Just as we arrived and I was meeting the family for the first time, I called baby boy ‘Nugget’ and his parents stopped, looked at me, and asked “How did you KNOW his nickname?!”. I didn’t. I call my own sweet Quinny baby ‘Nugget’ and the nickname just seems to carry over into my work! Well, this Nugget was a perfect little man and his session was very, very succesful! Check them out below…

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