Black Friday 2013 | Mini Session Sale!

Posted on November 26, 2013

Black Friday 2013 | Photography Mini Session Sale is live!


Please book your session below using the PayPal payment button under your desired session. Upon receipt of payment, I will contact you via email to confirm your session time. Please note both of these sessions are VERY LIMITED and are first come, first served. Both sessions will take place in my Everett studio. Black Dress sessions will be Saturday, January 11th and Glamour Maternity sessions will be Sunday, January 12th ONLY. There are no make up dates.

Please note these sessions are NON REFUNDABLE. Please, no gift cards or vouchers for these events.



The Black Dress Session is for mothers and their children only. Please no spouses. Session to take place in my Everett studio on Saturday January 11, 2014 only. Limited to 12 sessions booked on a first come, first served basis. The session includes 15 minutes of studio time, 1 digital image, a print release for the included image, an online ordering gallery, and wardrobe (the black skirt).

Please not there are NO make up dates and the session fee payment is NON REFUNDABLE. Please, no gift cards. Payment of the session fee implies agreement of these terms and conditions.

Black Dress Session Payment




The Glamour Maternity Session is for expecting mothers. The mother’s spouse/partner may also be photographed in the session. Please no children. Session to take place in my Everett studio on Sunday January 12, 2014 only. Limited to 10 sessions booked on a first come, first served basis. The session includes 20 minutes of studio time, an online ordering gallery, and draping wardrobe (fabrics/skirts/etc).

Please not there are NO make up dates and the session fee payment is NON REFUNDABLE. Please, no gift cards. Payment of the session fee implies agreement of these terms and conditions.

Glamour Maternity Session Fee

Sneak peek… {mini session} The Evans Family

Posted on December 7, 2009

Bothell area Family, Child, Baby Photographer

Santa, Baby…


Look at this little smiler! Meet Miss Jordan. She is just a few days different in age from Quinny. I met up with Miss Jordan and her parents, Drisana and Brian, last weekend for some fun in the comfort of their living room. It’s just MUCH too cold to be taking little things like Jordan out to freeze!

Considering J is not even 5 months, she was remarkably well behaved. She smiled, and drooled, and ate my tutu and smiled some more! Baby J’s daddy was a great sport too.

The man has a tooth infection and is swollen all up (good luck on that root canal tomorrow, by the way) but he still powers through the session for his girls. What a guy! I even offered to reschedule (again!) but he declined. Brian, it was WORTH it. Look at your baby girl…







Sneak peek… {family} Cox family part deux

Posted on November 13, 2009

As promised… evidence of the ‘action phase’ from last weekends photo session with the Cox family:


I’d have to say my favorite photo is the top center. Nice aim, Bryan!


Sneak peek… {family} The Coxs

Posted on November 11, 2009

Mountlake Terrace area Family Photographer

One of the most entertaining parts of any photo session is the ‘action phase’.

cox polaroid

This might be kids running a race with daddy, fighting or whacking on things (and occasionally myself) with sticks, quite often throwing rocks, OR in the case of the Cox family, mom and dad doing a twisted, almost drunken-esque jig reminiscent of really agile, happy hobbits playing Ring-around-the-Rosey.

Meet Bryan and Andrea, the aforementioned very entertaining dancers from last Sunday’s photo session. They played very nice at our photo session and were more than happy to at least TRY to do whatever I asked.

I guess I need to work on my explaining!

Now, I don’t have the hobbit pictures edited quite yet, so you won’t get to see them today, but check back by the end of the week for a chuckle.

Carter and Elliot were the other stars of this photo session. They fulfilled every expectation I have for 4 year old and (almost) 2 year old boys at the beach when the tide is super high. But they had fun, got really attached to some rocks and sticks and didn’t get their pants soaked. Really, could I have asked for more? See below for the Cox family sneak peek and don’t forget to check back!







Thanks for the fun Bry, An, Cart & El. You are near and dear to me and all the boys!


Sneak peek… {mini session} Sears Family

Posted on November 3, 2009

Edmonds area Family Photographer

I saw into my future last Sunday.


Meet the Sears family; Mom, Dad, Luke and Jack. Luke is almost three and Jack just turned one.

So… my future. Seeing into it… I did so through this family! The age difference between Luke and Jack is almost identical to that between ReiGuy and Quinny. After spending about an hour with these active, loving boys I can honestly say I am looking forward to what awaits me in a year or so!

These are manly boys; they are rough and tumble, in the dirt, pushing and shoving (nicely of course!) spitfires! We were at Picnic Point Beach and they absolutely lahoooved the water. What boy between one and three doesn’t? They also liked the bridge over the little stream and all the dirt.

Did I mention they saw a train? Luke went as Thomas the Train for halloween which was the night before. Well, this little gentleman really got a treat when a real, live train passed right by us; not thirty yards from him! I have never seen little eyes get so big. Jack was also mesmerized by the awesomeness. I think these two little boys had a great time. So did I.

Thanks, Sears family!






Isn’t the last picture a perfect capture of the life of the parents of toddlers?!?! I thought so!


Sneak peek… {mini session} Chambers Family

Posted on November 3, 2009

Everett area Family Photographer

“Lanae, show us your poses!”


Meet the Chambers family; Lance, Angi and Lanae. I had the pleasure of meeting up with them last Sunday at Forest Park in Everett for their family mini session.

Between Jeff being gone hunting and both boys being sick, somehow I got all confused about this ‘fall back’ stuff and showed up, very promptly, an hour early for the photo session! Talk about embarassing! I’m on the phone to Angi’s voicemail “So… um. I’m here at the park and its 2:45. Just wondering if you guys are gonna make it. Let me know!” So, she calls me back; “Umm… we were meeting at 3:30?” Nice. At least they were kind enough to laugh at me in the car, right? ;)

But, I digress… back to the poses! Miss Lanae is quite the ham and loves the camera. She was kind enough to show me her poses, America’s Next Top Model style. Let me tell you, this girl could be a contenda! She can pop the hip, point her toes and give that sweet mixed with sass look.

All in all, the session went well! It was brisk, and we had to walk a ways, but the images speak for themselves; it was all WORTH IT! Enjoy your sneak peek L, A & L!







Was fun! Thanks so much…


Sneak peek… {mini session} Jezelle

Posted on October 30, 2009

Kirkland area Child Photographer

Pink petti-skirts are made for twirling.

jezellepolaroidCase in point: lovely, little Miss Jezelle.

We twirled, I did some wacky ballet and Miss Jezelle made a ‘grass angel’ (like a snow angel, but without that whole snow thing). We also threw rocks, leaves and some dirt (accidently, I think) and someone got whacked with a stick. The stick victim will remain nameless and only be known to Miss Jezelle, her mama, Joie, and I!

We were blessed with amazing weather for Jezelle’s mini session. It was warm-ish, or freezing if it were June, and the sun was actually shining without any clouds to block it out. There was not a rain cloud in sight and we all got to witness a lovely sunset.

Considering Jezelle just turned 3 on the 21st, she did amazing! Don’t get me wrong, she is a little spitfire, but she is a very, very lovely spitfire who loves to play and run and laugh. So, thats what we did. And it was great!

Thanks for a lovely early evening, girls!

Enjoy your sneak peek!







Perfection in a petti-skirt!


Sneak peek… {new life} Vivienne Ann

Posted on October 28, 2009

Lake Stevens area Newborn Photographer

Babies weighing in over 9 pounds are magic.

vivpolaroidThis is Vivienne Ann. She was born on October 20 at 10:34 in the morning. She was 21 3/4 inches long and tipped the scales at 9 pounds 3 ounces. The new mama and daddy are Veronica and Jason.

Viv’s newborn session took place on the 25th when she was just 5 days old. She did fabulous! She was very sleepy and was perfectly content to curl up and snuggle in.

Veronica and Jason did everything right! She was fed just before I got there and the house was very VERY warm to ensure that Viv was a sleeping beauty for the few hours I was there.

Rhys, Rowan and their parents were also on hand to enjoy the show.

Back to the 9 pounds. I love me a chunker baby. ReiGuy was over 9 pounds when he was born and Little Viv was 2 ounces more than he was. Bliss! Chubber chins and cheeks, rolley-polley legs and thighs, and little, teeny bowed lips. Perfection!

Great job, Veronica and Jason. I think she is a keeper!








Sneak peek… {mini session} The Jacobs Family

Posted on October 27, 2009

Lynnwood are Family Photographer

Meet Miss Rowan and Mr Rhys. All the way from Walla Walla!

jacobspolaroidRowan, Rhys and their parents made the treck to the left side of the state to be in town when a close family friend gave birth to a little bundle of joy (whom I also happened to photograph last night!).

Their momma, Stacy, contacted me prior to their trip to set up a photo shoot during the short days they would be here. I was honored that they found time during their vacation to spend an hour with me at the beach.

Now, Rowan and Rhys had apparently not been to the beach before, so this was a big milestone for them. They were in awe of the rocks, sand and allllll that lovely water.

Mom and dad were wonderful at corraling and cajoling their little sweeties and I have a few pics just for them that I have saved for later.

This will not be the last time you see Miss Rowan and Mr Rhys. I have a sneak peek in the works for a little angel baby named Vivienne and Rowan and Rhys were part of her photo shoot too! Check back later for those pics. But, for now…

Enjoy this sneak peek!








Sneak peek… {miracle session} Tiegs family

Posted on October 26, 2009

Mountlake Terrace area Family Photographer

As promised, I have finished editing all of the sneak peek photos for MyaGirl’s {miracle session}.


And I have news, an announcement. No, a declaration!

I have a new MOST FAVORITE picture ever. EVER.

And its not even my kid.

The coveted ‘most favorite picture EVER’ position is not one that changes often and has NEVER not been of either ReiGuy, Quinny or Jeff. I mean, really, I’m a mom of two young, plump boys,  a wife to a pretty studly man AND a photographer. I have plenty to shoot and be amazed with right at home.

But MyaGirl has usurped all of my men and taken firm grasp of my ‘most favorite picture EVER’ spot.

Are you in suspense? Do you want to SEE this stellar photo (not to mention all of the others…)?!?!

Ready? You sure?



Totally cute, right?!






Thanks for the amazing morning, Tiegs’!


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