Sneak peek… {bebe} Viv

Posted on June 11, 2010

Lake Stevens area Baby Photographer

One of the best ages to photograph? 6 months!

They can sit, smile and have little personalities! Remember Vivienne? I first had the honor of photographing her during the maternity session for her mama, Veronica,  and then again a few weeks later for her newborn session. Well, she is back, chunky and sitting up all by herself! This little charmer has bright blue eyes and a sneaky little smile that is too cute. She did great considering it was just before nap time and I look forward to seeing her again in a few months for her one year session. Enjoy!

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marysville child photographer

Sneak peek… {new life} Sweet Stella

Posted on June 4, 2010

You are about to receive a gift…

Meet Stella Lorraine. She is the sweetest, teeniest little dreamboat of a baby girl.

It is no big secret that the last few of my (completely amazing, wouldn’t trade them for the world!) newborn sessions have been with wide-eyed curious little things which can make my job (if you can call this amazing ride a job,) more challenging. I was beginning to think I was losing my touch! All the worry was for naught as Sweet little Stella reconfirmed my baby whispering skills. She was asleep the. whole. time. and did AMAZING. Great job, baby girl. You are a star.

everett newborn photographer

edmonds newborn photographer

mill creek newborn photographer

I could not decide which I loved more… color or black & white…

lynnwood newborn photographer

This last image is by special request from mama and daddy. They met at the track. Sweet, huh?

shoreline newborn photographer

Thanks for being such an angel, Stella. See you soon!!

Sneak peek… {new life} Jenny

Posted on May 15, 2010

Meet the mommy-to-be of the self-proclaimed cutest baby in the world! This sneak peek is for Jenny and Jay while they wait out the last few days before Miss Stella makes her debut. Based on what I saw in the decked out nursery, Stella can’t HELP but be the cutest baby on the block at the very least. Jenny, Jay, Jewel (sister pooch) and I had a great, warm session and I can’t WAIT to go back and meet sweet Stella. I’ve been out prop shopping just for her arrival!


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Sneak peek… {new life} Baby Kellan

Posted on April 28, 2010

Everett area Newborn Photographer

Hello, baby…

Meet Kellan! I had the pleasure of meeting him on Monday for a newborn session. He was just over three weeks and was very interested in the whole process. After 2.5 hours of cuddling, eating, patting and rocking, he finally gave up the ghost and fell into a lovely little slumber.

Kellan’s mama, Carmon, received a gift certificate for a photo session as a baby shower gift. I can’t imagine a better present to receive at a baby shower! The onesies, boppys and diapers will all run their course and be disposed of, handed down or sold. But the gift of newborn pictures is one that Carmon, and daddy Ken, will hold on to forever. Check out Kellan’s sneak peek below and you’ll see why…

edmonds newborn photographer

lynnwood newborn photographer

everett newborn photographer

mill creek newborn photographer

Sneak peek… {new life} Aspen Alexis

Posted on April 9, 2010

Bellevue area Newborn Photographer

Just one week old and already smothered in love and kisses.

This is little Miss Aspen Alexis and the title of this blog post just about sums her up. All 6 pounds and 20 inches of her (what a teeny thing she is!).

She may have been born April 1, 2010 but, let me tell you, this little peanut is no April fool! She has already got her daddy wrapped right around her little finger! And grandpa too!! Mommy Monette loves her too but in that ‘we’re the girls of the house’ kind of comrade way in addition to the natural new mama-ness.

It is amazing to think that just a few short weeks ago Miss Aspen was a mystery (I was banking on a boy) during mom and dad’s maternity session and now she is out in the open, a loud and proud, here me yelp and coo little girl. Amazing! Check her out…

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Sneak peek… {Bebe} Emma's cake smash!

Posted on March 31, 2010

Everett area Child Photographer

One year old + cake + free reign = absolute cuteness!

Thanks for checking back! Debuting today is Emma’s first birthday cake smash photo session series… Let me tell you, she handled that cake like no other 12 month old I’ve ever seen. She was the best! She demolished her cake in under 5 minutes. Then she was even nice enough to share some with kitty Milo. Enjoy her sneak peek!

seattle cake smash photographer

bellevue cake smash photographer

lynnwood cake smash photographer

cake smash seattle photographer

Sneak peek… {new life} Frederick Joseph

Posted on February 8, 2010

Seattle area Newborn Photographer

He’s a ginger!

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Facebook proclaimed it for the world to see… Frederick Joseph, who’s name was kept secret for the ENTIRE DURATION of pregnancy, was a bona-fide, 100% red head! Royce and Stephanie, the new daddy and momma, were beyond thrilled.

I think Stephanie was just thrilled to give birth! Baby Freddy was a little too comfortable in his uterine home and decided to hang out for an extra two, (YES! 2!!,) weeks. Oh, and did I mention that Steph had a natural birth? Talk about a trooper…

Freddy was very wide awake for most of his session which worked out great. We were able to get a lot of great shots in between feeding and cuddling and then he was ready for a super nap after it was all said and done. I think Steph was ready for a nap too. :)

Enjoy your sneak peek Royce & Steph!

Seattle Photographer

Sneak Peek… {new life} Johannes

Posted on February 6, 2010

Lynnwood area Newborn Photographer

Welcome, Johannes!

Check out this squishable little bundle of heaven. To date, this is the sleepiest, most serene newborn I have every photographed and I’ve been a Seattle area newborn photographer for quite some time. He was divine!

Momma, daddy, big sister Jasela, grandpa, great grandma and auntie were all on hand to experience the photo session with Mr. Johannes. Jasela was a big help and was my best assistant for the day. Call me in about 14 years Jasela and I’ll have a position for you!

Baby J picked a great family to join. Lots of love, laughter and sarcastic jokes. My kind of place!

And now… the sneak peek for Johannes’ newborn photo session! Enjoy!


Seattle Photographer

Sneak peek… {new life} Brooklyn

Posted on January 27, 2010

Marysville area Newborn Photographer

Meet 5 day old baby Brooklyn.

This little sweetie was brand, brand new for her New Life newborn photo session, just 5 short days old. Have you ever seen such a head full of dark, spiky hair? She has sweet little squishable cheeks and teeny pink bowed lips. In short, she is pretty stinkin’ cute. 

Her big brother (if 19 months old counts as ‘big’) Landon was on hand to play assistant. Of course he was very intersted in what was going on in his dining room with his sissy. He helped me take a few pictures at the end of the session. They turned out fabulous of course.

Brooklyn definitely gave me a run for my money! She was much too interested in her brand new world to go into that deep, lovely newborn slumber. She did give up and nap for about 20 minutes for me which was perfect. I’m sure mom and dad will be pleased with this little princess’ pictures. How could they not? She is perfect.


Seattle Photographer

How to… stop time.

Posted on January 19, 2010

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Are you, your sister, wife, aunt, friend, neighbor, co-worker, husband’s friend’s girlfriend’s sister, etc, expecting a new baby?

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Newborns are tough work. Feeding every 2’ish hours, even more if they are a piggy. Sooooo many diaper changes. Clothes on, clothes off. Gas. Colic. No schedule. What new, or newly repeating, parent has the time, the energy, for newborn pictures?

 That squinched up, wrinkly, kinda hairy, pre-baby acne and cradle cap bundle of goodness quickly changes from newborn to infant… Your window of time with your newborn is so, so small. They change into a chubby, personable, won’t-sit-still baby almost overnight. Really, how can you afford not to take the time to properly, professionally, document the curly-ness of your just hatched newborn?

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Luckily, a newborn session with CYE Photography is easy by design and little to no work needs to be done by the newly exhausted parents.

How? Newborn sessions take place in your home. Not on-location or in studio. We come to you and bring everything needed with us; backdrops, lighting, even props. After all, home is where you are most comfortable and also where the truckload of baby’s necessities is. Not to mention you don’t have to wrestle your new baby into their car seat, pack a million and one things in a diaper bag and try to get somewhere on time. Ideally, the session should happen between days 4-10 of life or earlier. That way mama’s milk is in and baby can have a full meal and hopefully your new family has been home a few days and is getting into some sort of routine.

We do request two things of you prior to the session:

  • Feed baby just prior to our arrival so they have a full tummy.
  • Make sure your home is very, very warm. If you are sweating, that is about right.

Those are all of the requests. Most likely you are already feeding baby and also have your home nice and warm since, hello?, you have a newborn in the house that isn’t able to effectively regulate body temperature. So, in actuality, we don’t really make any requests at all!

So, schedule the session.

It is very relaxed and low key. Parents and siblings are welcome to participate as much or as little as they would like. You can schedule the session way ahead of time and we can agree on a tentative date, or do it at the last minute and we will squeeze you in.

You may not be able to stop time. But we can. Remember… forever.

Seattle Photographer

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